Report Benchmarks U.S. Electric Utility Clean Energy Deployment

As the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency prepares for its listening sessions on its Clean Power Plan for existing power plants next week, a new report ranks the cleantech performance of nation’s largest electric utilities.

Solar Sector Fears WTO Ruling Against Tariffs Won't Save The U.S. From Itself

Although the WTO says U.S. anti-dumping tariffs levied on Chinese PV manufacturers are improper, few expect the ruling to prevent a rise in module prices.

Xcel Energy Offers Solar*Rewards 'Bridge' For Colorado Solar Installations

As an incentive for the continued development of customer-sited solar, Public Service Co. of Colorado has agreed to advance capacity for its popular Solar*Rewards program.

Flexible Sources Key To Integrating Solar PV Into Utility Operations

A report from three U.S. Department of Energy labs proposes a framework for integrating various amounts of PV into the grid.

PV Industry Leaders See A 'Second Gold Rush' Coming In The Solar Sector

A panel of solar sector executives from across the PV supply chain at Intersolar North America says the widespread adoption of distributed generation energy sources is inevitable.

Internet giant Google has teamed up with IEEE to launch the Little Box Challenge, an open competition to build a much smaller power inverter. The companies say the Little Box Challenge, which will [Read More]

Australia-based CBD Energy Ltd. has obtained approximately $300,000 in loan approvals for residential solar photovoltaic systems under its U.S. solar installations brand, Westinghouse Solar. The loans will support operations in the Greater Boston [Read More]


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July 2014 - Volume 7, Number 7

Marketplace: Monitoring Solar Assets

Solar Asset Management Keeps Owners From Getting Hosed

As the solar sector matures, stakeholder needs for information on plant operations become more complex.

Industry At Large: California Solar Policy

California’s Wild Solar Ride Nears A Crossroads

Policy direction and bipartisan support are needed as the solar sector approaches a critical juncture in 2016.

Industry At Large: Solar Intellectual Property Liability

Developers Must Consider Intellectual Property Liabilities In Solar Projects

Patent litigation in the solar sector is likely to increase as more financially successful players emerge as potential targets.

Industry At Large: PV Performance Testing

Corrections Needed For PV Performance Blind Spots During Commissioning

Current codes and standards say nothing about performance testing.

Market Report: PV Manufacturing Outlook

Meyer Burger’s CEO Peter Pauli Looks To A PV Manufacturing Upswing

An easing of the two-year crisis in the solar sector heralds new expansion and cost-reduction technologies.


Founded in 1925, the Treasure Valley Scout Reservation is a 1,600-acre woodland camp in bucolic Rutland, Mass., that offers over 70 miles of trails through a variety [Read More]


On June 2, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as part of President Obama's Climate Action Plan, proposed an initial set of rules to cut carbon dioxide [Read More]

Thin-film manufacturers had to come up with a Plan B a few years ago, and many are adapting and succeeding with unusual products. According to a new [Read More]

The U.S. solar sector, which has seen its share of ups and downs, is bracing for yet another swell - more tariffs levied on Chinese solar panel [Read More]

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