Mining Companies Find Value In Solar And Wind Generation

Mining companies are finding that solar and wind generation can help them defray costs and stay profitable in inhospitable parts of the globe.

Global Solar Developer UGE Finds A Rainbow In Lower Oil Prices

Urban Green Energy CEO Nick Blitterswyk says fear of oil prices is natural but unwarranted. Short-term, cheap oil actually favors project development, and the long-term trends are all going solar's way.

Nexamp Wrangles Largest Mass. Managed Growth Project For 2014

The Boston-based developer had to hustle to complete the large-scale project in bad weather on difficult terrain.

e2/ECTA Helps Dealership Go Green With 310 kW Rooftop PV System

Haldeman Ford in New Jersey turned to solar to cut electricity costs and to burnish its green credentials. The installer opted for power optimizers to reduce wiring and handle shading issues.

Market Forces Keep Solar's Prospects Undimmed By Cheap Oil

Oil prices are tangential at best in their relationship to practical considerations in the solar sector. Regulatory issues and dynamics of the maturing energy market are much more important.

Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island have jointly issued a request for proposals (RFP) for Class 1 renewable energy resources. According to the release, electric distribution companies within Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island will [Read More]

Lux Research has acquired the assets of Energy Points, a data analytics firm. Boston-based Energy Points consults with companies and government entities on issues of energy, water, fuels and materials. As part of [Read More]

Hybrid Energy Innovations 2015

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February 2015 - Volume 8, Number 1

Industry At Large: Utility Solar Hybrid Plants

FPL Generates Electricity And Experience At Martin Hybrid Solar Facility

The world’s first solar-natural gas hybrid power plant withstands hurricanes and skepticism.

Marketplace: Commercial-Scale Inverters

String Inverters Are Inching Their Way Into Larger C&I Installations

Rooftops, in particular, are opening up as an increasingly important market.

Industry At Large: Solar Tariffs

Managing The Ups And Downs Of Solar Tariffs Requires Agile Thinking And Deep Pockets

Rates are not set in stone - every step of an ITC review is an opportunity for stakeholders to change the game if they can work out what variables are in play.

Industry At Large: Project Management

Borrego Solar Looks To Project Management To Keep Its PV Pipeline Moving

The more risk a developer assumes, the more work it needs to do up front.


The Vermont-based Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) has released a new guide to residential solar photovoltaic system financing. The free online publication is intended to help homeowners [Read More]


Maybe solar modules have been facing the wrong way. The California Energy Commission's (CEC) New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP) thinks they might be and is encouraging builders [Read More]

Although many are dreading the sunset of the investment tax credit after 2016, some financial experts say this "kiss" from the government is causing many firms in [Read More]

Colorado could get 20% of its energy from solar power by 2025. That's according to a new report by Environment Colorado Research and Policy Center, a nonprofit [Read More]

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Hybrid Energy Innovations 2015
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