Hawaii Hopes Storage Will Enable A 'Multi-Directional' Grid For Solar

Hawaii's public utilities have submitted controversial plans for enabling increased penetration of solar while supporting grid reliability. Planners hope a large-scale energy storage program will help reconcile day-peaking output with night-peaking demand.

NCSEA Working To Create A Solar Powerhouse In North Carolina

The North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) says the importance of solar power in a diversified generation portfolio helps build broad support for clean energy policy.

Minnesota PUC Green-Lights Xcel's Community Solar Gardens Program

While the countdown for the program has started, the value of solar (VOS) tariff once envisioned for it has downshifted onto a parallel track. However, a revised VOS is expected to come into play next year.

Solar Capacity Increases Sharply At U.S. Schools

A new study shows that solar power for K-12 schools is a hot market with plenty of room for future growth.

SolarCity Strikes An East-West Pose In Its New Commercial Mounting System

The first major new product release from SolarCity's Zep Solar business unit since last year's merger reveals new opportunities in the commercial solar space.

Utah-based Vivint Solar says the initial public offering (IPO) of 20,600,000 shares of common stock is priced at $16.00 per share. The IPO has thus raised $329.6 million for the installer of residential [Read More]

Germany-based Via Solis GmbH has completed a manufacturing facility for its SmartFlex building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) facades in Vilnius, Lithuania. The factory is able to produce modules measuring up to 1.7 meters by 3.5 [Read More]

Hybrid Energy Innovations 2015

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September 2014 - Volume 7, Number 9

Marketplace: Delivering O&M Services

O&M Service Providers Have The Health Of The PV Industry In Their Hands

After the ribbons are cut, solar plant owners need specialists to care for their assets over the long haul.

Industry At Large: Solar Demand In Turkey

Solar Power In Turkey Takes Its First Steps On The World Stage

Recent laws and revised policies have improved the standing of developers in one of the world’s most promising solar markets.

Marketplace: 1,000 V PV Connectors

Installers Looking To Connect On The 1,000 V Rooftop

Lack of demand had held back specific PV connector products, but that could be changing.

Industry At Large: Superfund Solar Development

Superfund Site Latest Conquest In Solar’s Brownfields Campaign

Fallow industrial zones and toxic waste sites offer fertile fields for solar development - even the scary ones.


Some large companies that are heavy users of electricity may be interested in using renewable energy but are unable or unwilling to install their own distributed generation [Read More]


The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate has dropped a landmark report on its investigation into the effects of climate change and calls for nothing less [Read More]

There was a time not too long ago when concentrating solar power (CSP) technology was cheaper than solar photovoltaic systems. Back in 2006, when PV installed was [Read More]

U.S. clean air regulations seem to be building toward the decline and fall of the coal-fired electricity industry in the U.S. The Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR), [Read More]

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