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Canada Embarks On
Energy Storage Program

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) has announced its Energy Storage for Grid Security and Modernization research program.

According to the NRC, its initiative establishes new collaborative and co-investment opportunities for the energy storage value chain, including material and technology developers and suppliers; systems integrators; utilities; independent power producers; and other end-users. The council notes that energy storage efforts will be focused around client-driven research and development, demonstration and validation, and strategic support to facilitate market adoption.

The NRC adds that integrating renewable energy technologies, including wind and solar, into Canada’s electricity infrastructure can be accelerated by overcoming technical and cost barriers to grid-scale energy storage.

NRC: nrc-cnrc.gc.ca


Team Achieves 44.7%
Efficiency For Solar Cell

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, Soitec, CEA-Leti and the Helmholtz Center Berlin have achieved a record 44.7% efficiency using a new solar cell structure with four solar subcells.

The solar cells are being developed for use in concentrator photovoltaics applications. Each subcell absorbs a different range of wavelengths.

Fraunhofer ISE: ise.fraunhofer.de


ISFH And SoLayTec Show
20% PERC Cell Efficiency

The Germany-based Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hamelin (ISFH) and Netherlands-based SoLayTec have achieved a conversion efficiency of 20.1% by applying a 5 nm thin spatial atomic layer deposition (ALD) layer of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) on industrial-type passivated-emitter rear-contact (PERC) solar cells.

The spatial ALD process deposits the layer of Al2O3 as rear passivation on the cells. According to SoLayTec, the new technique shows PERC cells with efficiencies exceeding 20% can be made without a post-deposition anneal process.

SoLayTec: solaytec.com


REC Shows ‘Half-Cut’
60-Cell Technology

REC has unveiled its half-cut cell technology. The cells are half the size of the cells used in regular 60-cell panels. REC says the new design reduces internal losses, leading to improved performance in energy yield, especially at times of high irradiance.

“Advances in technology, such as half-cut cells, are vital steps in bringing the most innovative solar technology to all segments - residential, commercial and industrial, as well as large-scale power plants,” says Luc Grare, senior vice president of solar sales and marketing at REC.

REC: recgroup.com


Heraeus To Offer
New Metallization Pastes

The photovoltaics business unit of Germany-based Heraeus is offering new metallization pastes for bifacial n-type solar cells. The company says its new SOL9350 Series for p+ wafer surfaces enables increased cell efficiency and improved printability.

Heraeus says the new pastes feature improved flooding and low bleeding for easier handling. The improvements help to print with better line uniformity and aspect ratio, the company says.

Heraeus: heraeus-pvsilverpaste.com


AVACO Introduces ALD
Process Equipment

South Korea-based AVACO, a maker of physical vapor deposition equipment, has developed a horizontal in-line modular ALD system for solar cell and other large substrate processes.

The company says its ALD system for large substrates can provide enhanced solar cell energy conversion efficiency through its buffer-layer deposition process. The first machines were shipped to a research and development facility in Asia this year.

AVACO: avaco.co.kr


U.K. Startup Launching
Solar Anti-Theft Products

A U.K.-based roofer with a background in security is addressing the problem of solar panel theft with the SPracket line of anti-theft brackets. Peter Macalroy, product inventor and founder of Solar Panel Security, says the specialized brackets rolled out in October.

The SPracket comes in two pieces. The bottom piece has three-pronged returns that lock under and between two adjoining panels. A coach bolt headed screw is dropped down, then a snap-off nut squeezes clamps together, leaving no grip available. A washer is between the nut and bottom brackets, so that if needed, a grinder can be used to remove the bolt without damaging the SPracket.

Macalroy says the SPracket retrofit does not interfere with the panel and, thus, does not invalidate any warranty.

SPrackets have an option for a hardwired alarm that links to the customers’ house alarm.

Solar Panel Security: solarpanelsecurity.co.uk


Upsolar Shows Modular
Solar Power System

Upsolar has developed a renewable energy solution for harsh environments that combines equipment storage and protection with on-site power generation. Developed in partnership with Italy-based Energie Innovative, these modular systems are available with PV, solar thermal and wind generation capabilities.

Each PV-equipped cantilever system features Upsolar’s modules. The PV and wind power generation units are available as small as 3 kW in size and are customizable to each individual’s space allowance. When combined with solar thermal technology, the cantilevers also produce hot water for showers and other facilities.

Upsolar: upsolar.com


SolarBOS Shows Certified
String Combiner Products

SolarBOS Inc. has received ETL certification for its arc fault detection (AFD) and arc fault circuit interruption (AFCI) string combiner products. The new AFD/AFCI products are intended to help meet 2011 and 2014 NEC 690.11 arc fault circuit protection requirements.

SolarBOS says its AFD products are UL-1699B certified for detection of both series and parallel arcs, while its AFCI products are listed for series arc interruption.

SolarBOS: solarbos.com


meeco Seeks Solar
Market In Paraguay

Germany-based meeco Group says its subsidiary, meeco America Latina S.A., is introducing copper gallium selenide (CIS) photovoltaic modules in Paraguay. meeco America Latina is aiming to sell 150 kWp of CIS modules as part of off-grid systems by the end of the year.

According to the company, CIS modules offer a higher shadow resistance and more stability under high temperatures than polycrystalline modules. meeco also says CIS technology has superior functionality under low light conditions and low angle irradiation under diffuse light conditions.

meeco: meeco.net


IKEA To Sell Hanergy
Solar Panels In U.K.

IKEA and China-based solar energy firm Hanergy are partnering to market thin-film photovoltaic systems, along with installation and financing services, in the U.K.

The initiative launched at the company’s Southampton store and follows a pilot program that began in July at its Lakeside location. IKEA says all 17 of its U.K. stores will be selling solar energy systems and services over the next 10 months. The effort is based on Hanergy’s thin-film, “all-black” solar modules, which IKEA says it chose in part for their aesthetics.

Hanergy Solar U.K. will provide IKEA customers with an in-store consultation and design services, as well as installation, maintenance and monitoring.

Hanergy: hanergy.co.uk

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Canada Embarks On Energy Storage Program




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